HV3 Foundation Contributes to Swingpals

The HV3 Foundation is pleased to announce a $10,000 grant to SwingPals of Durham, NC., to support their service to four middle schools within the Durham Public Schools system.

SwingPals’ mission is to build a foundation of health and strong character in children facing adversity. SwingPals uses golf as a medium through which students develop mindfulness and self-regulation skills, empowering them to pursue their passion and fulfill their potential to create positive change in their community.

SwingPals is built on the foundational principal that by developing a sense of safety and confidence in their abilities, students will be able to live healthier and happier lives. To facilitate this, our programming provides opportunities for students to improve their ability to emotionally self-regulate and build self-awareness through learning an entirely new sport. By experiencing first-class golf and mindfulness coaching, as well as community-focused service projects, students develop mentoring and leadership skills and connections to others, giving them the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and challenge their status quo.  To learn more, please visit www.swingpals.org.