HV3 Athletes Excel at AAU Gymnastics National Championship

The HV3 Foundation proudly announces a double dose of success from the HV3 Foundation family at the prestigious AAU Gymnastics National Championship!

Our very own Mary-Catherine Pollard has brilliantly secured her spot as the national champion in her division, demonstrating an extraordinary display of talent, dedication, and perseverance. This remarkable achievement is a testament to her commitment and the core values of our foundation.

But the celebrations don’t stop there! We’re also thrilled to share that Elizabeth Pollard, Mary-Catherine’s sister and another exceptional athlete from the HV3 family, secured a commendable fifth place in her division. Her outstanding performance embodies the spirit of determination and resilience we value at HV3.

The accomplishments of both Mary-Catherine and Elizabeth serve as an inspiration to us all and set a high bar for young athletes everywhere.

We eagerly anticipate their future successes as they continue to reach for the stars and inspire others with their journey.