HV3 Foundation Mentor Program Expands to First Tee Greater Charleston

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. — The HV3 Foundation and its partner, First Tee-Greater Charleston, are breaking down barriers and bridging funding gaps granting children affordable access to golf. On March 11, the HV3 Mentor Program officially expands into the Charleston community. The program integrates the game of golf with a life skills curriculum for girls and boys. 

“The greatest thing that happened in my life to help me through everything was having someone that cared about me that wasn’t my mom or dad,” HV3 Foundation Founder and President Harold Varner III said. “I think it’s important that no matter what I do in my professional career, if I didn’t have an impact off the course, then I probably didn’t do my job, and impacting the lives of kids has such a lasting effect. Golf is not just a game; sometimes, it’s a chance at a whole new life. Playing sports may lead to a new interest beyond our program. It’s a great start for students of all ages and in all sports.” 

The HV3 Mentor Program is designed to connect kids with mentors. These individuals will help build lasting relationships and serve as lifelong guides with program participants. Mentees will have opportunities to meet key business and industry professionals inside and outside of school. These connections may influence their decisions on college majors and extracurricular activities. Additionally, the mentors could educate mentees about new career paths they may want to consider. 

“We are grateful to the HV3 Foundation for partnering with us to build lasting relationships between mentors and First Tee – Greater Charleston participants,” Executive Director of First Tee-Greater Charleston Bucky Dudley said. “Our mentor program will fulfill a variety of needs for kids such as transportation, meals, golf skills, life skills, and STEM enrichment. The mentorship the kids receive will play a vital role in guiding them through challenges on and off the golf course. We are honored that the HV3 Foundation has chosen us so we can positively impact the lives of kids and our community.” 

The HV3 Mentor Program was created in 2021 and began with a collaboration with First Tee-Greater Charlotte. In the first year, the program had 42 mentors and 60 participants. Once the First Tee-Greater Charleston program is active, the next expansion is in Akron, Ohio. First Tee-Akron and the United Way are anticipated to oversee the setup there. 

Interested donors, volunteers, and participants should visit https://hv3foundation.org for additional details. 

About the HV3 Foundation 

Launched in January 2019, the HV3 Foundation gives aid to programs that allow youth to access golf and other sports. This 501(c3) non-profit foundation is the brainchild of Harold Varner III, who knows firsthand how prohibitive the cost of equipment, proper coaching, and access to courses can be in the game of golf. The mission of the HV3 Foundation is to provide affordable access to youth in sports. 

About the First Tee Greater Charleston 

Established in 2008, First Tee–Greater Charleston is a local 501(c3) non-profit organization serving young people, ages 5-18, from all walks of life. The program uses on-course, school, and community programs to teach the game of golf and its inherent values to more than 17,000 children each year in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties. First Tee-Greater Charleston is more than a golf program. It is also a youth development organization backed by enthusiastic donors, coaches, and volunteers who want to give Charleston area young people every possible advantage.